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Hi there. You've probably found this through a link from a journal in The Dark Mirror RPG Community

The Dark Mirror RPG is in NO WAY endorsed, supported, affiliated or acknowledged by the WWE, its counterparts, subsidiaries or sponsors. We accept no responsibility for the content of an individual member's journal and in no way claim to be accurate or true to the nature of any individual/s associated with pro-wrestling sports.

Any copyright infringement is not knowingly intended. Dark Mirror holds no responsibility for member's journals or the content of them.

This is not an official or profit making community/web site.

All journals are the responsibility of their individual maintainers. WE DO NOT ACCEPT RESPONSIBILTY FOR THE CONTENT OF Dark Mirror MEMBER'S JOURNALS. All journals must meet the terms and conditions requested by Live Journal. Upon joining Live Journal members are expected to be over 13 years of age. We accept no responsibility for children joining under this age or seeing content that is not suitable for them. It is not our responsibilty to ensure what content may be seen or by whom, although we encourage members/players to refrain from making explicit posts viewable to the public. Members are asked to lock posts that may be unsuitable for general viewing, but Dark Mirror does not accept responsibilty for times when users do not follow this. Dark Mirror also asks ALL members to use a disclaimer code linking each of their entries to this page, making our intentions as a game clear. If you have any complaints about an individual's journal please report them to the Live Journal abuse team.

Dark Mirror reserves the right to ask you to leave the community at the moderators own discretion, WITHOUT prior notice/warning. If we feel you are detrimental to the game, or causing unecessary problems, we will exclude you from the game. This is to allow our RPG to run as smoothly as possible for our exceptional standard of players. If we deem a journal unacceptable or recieve complaints from any source we reserve the right to exclude them from the community or ask Live Journal to remove them at ANY time without notice. We reserve the right to decline a journal for any reason we feel is valid: ie if we deem your character as disrespectful/fictional etc.

BANNED members are NOT allowed to rejoin the community unless the administrators have knowingly authorized it. Banned members/players are not given second chances unless under EXCEPTIONAL circumstances.

We refuse to get involved in personal disputes or issues of copyright infringement. It is your own responsibility to ensure your journal meets acceptable standards and contains your own original work. We require that your journal is of a high standard to meet that of our players. We reserve the right to exclude you from Dark Mirror community at ANY time.

The original idea for Dark Mirror came from It's Scripted and Collision. Dark Mirror is in no way connected to any other RPG and runs it's own storylines with it's own character's journals. Any user/s who plagiarize material will be removed from the Outside The Ropes community. We do not take responsibility for the actions of individual members!

Malicious use of the community and disregard to the rules and terms will result in the removal of users from Dark Mirror. We reserve the right to refuse any journals we do not feel are in reasonable taste and delete/block members we do not wish to accept.

No offense, personal or otherwise, is intended in the creation of this community/web site. We hope that should any wrestlers find our journals that they will accept it for the fun and entertainment it is- we all know this is FAKE.

We ask that visitors who disagree with the concept or content of Dark Mirror show respect and do not try to abuse other people's hard work. If you have serious complaints the administrators are here to listen.

Upon joining the community members are bound by our rules and disclaimer. Please report abuse if you are aware of it. Players who fail to comply will be banned from Dark Mirror immediately.

The design and content of this site is to © Dark Mirror 2003

Frequently Asked Questions and Comments:

Are you the real wrestlers?
Why? Do you know them? No, once again, we are not claiming to be the real wrestlers, or have any ties to them at all. This is a game, it's something we do for entertainment.

We believe that these journals are in no way libelous as there is no malicious intent in them, and no intent to misinform fellow role-players or anyone who may read this journal, or any other journal in this role-playing game. We believe that these journals fall under the "fair use" clause as outlined in Title 17, Chapter 1, Section 107 of the US Copyright Law. These journals are nonprofit and meant as a commentary on a public image and not meant to use that public image for any personal gain.

If you try and contact one of us, thinking we're the real celebrity…we'll just redirect you to this page. Don't hate on the players, or the game. If you don't like, please, just move on.

Is So-And-So really gay or bisexual?
We don't know the sexual lifestyles of the wrestlers. Some of the players are into Slash, fan fiction portraying sexual situations between members of the same sex, and choose to play their characters that way. Once again, there is no harm intended by this.

WAIT! So-And-So doesn't act like that on TV! What gives?
This is what we call a alternate universe/reality community. What that means is even though our characters are based on the real people, the reality they exist in is different, and their personalities are what we want to make them. That also explains why we are based on the Invasion story line, where Vince McMahon owns the WWF, Shane owns WCW and Stephanie owns ECW.

Why would you want to do this? Don't you have anything better to do?
This is something we choose to do. If you don't like it, don't read it. It's that simple. Please don't leave rude comments, because we'll probably just laugh at them. Then again, go ahead...we can always use a good giggle.

Can I play too?
Sorry....this group is by invitation only. You're more than welcome to watch the mayhem, but you'll be contacted if we think you can hack our particular brand of dark fantasy.

Any questions? Contact the moderators at darkmirror@comcast.net

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